Our goal is to cultivate a saving culture in the youth. We will accomplish this through education on financial literacy,
nurturing them to become fearless influencers in the society and improve their lives by mentoring them to enable them become productive, responsible adults. We will also seek to provide employment opportunities to the youth through the various projects where we are involved

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Our Philosophy and History

Kukuza Investment group is a youth financial literacy company, started in Sept.2015 by a group of youths. This was necessitated by the fact that, most financial institution, avoid the risk of dealing with the youths who are uniquely impacted by financial obligation. We create opportunities to learn about personal finances, money skills, entrepreneurship and offer a practical solution to invest.

Kukuza Investment provides youths with a rare opportunity to empower themselves and walk with them throughout their financial journey, helping them grow their investments and also developing their financial skills.

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Our Objectives

Kukuza Investment engage in Empowering Youths and communities to stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty through training, saving and consultancy.

Our focus areas are on;

  • Youth financial and economic empowerment.
  • Youth mentorship.
  • Providing easy practical saving solution

Why Kukuza?

Youth access to finance.


Here are some reasons why you should choose Kukuza:

  • Easy access to entrepreneurship and financial skills
  • Easy registration online
  • Easy access to loans
  • Flexible saving plans

How do we invest?

Investment is required if you are to get more value to your money. We as Kukuza invest in the following ways:

  1. Money Market:Returns consist of interest from the various interest bearing instruments and is credited monthly. It is recommended that the interest be reinvested in to the fund so as to maximize return on investment through compounded growth. It is recommended that the funds be invested for at least 1 year. The interest is credited to our members account monthly
  2. Various Projects:The interest we get from the various investments we use them to create job opportunities for our youths by starting various projects. Some of the projects are Kukuza Catering Services and Kukuza IT Training Centre (KITC).