Our goal is to cultivate a saving culture in the youth. We will accomplish this through education on financial literacy,
nurturing them to become fearless influencers in the society and improve their lives by mentoring them to enable them become productive, responsible adults. We will also seek to provide employment opportunities to the youth through the various projects where we are involved

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Why should I join Kukuza?

Are you are a youth, how is your financial life? With Kukuza, you can be able to comfortably answer that question and get other more benefits:

  • Easy access to entrepreneurship and financial skills
  • Easy registration online
  • Easy access to loans
  • Flexible saving plans
  • Automatic statement update
  • Access to business and startup incubation
  • Eligible to dividend payout
  • Easy and convenient way to deposit (M-Pesa / Standing Order)

Who is eligible to join?

  • Youths in Informal Sector

Youths and women take a huge percentage in Kenyan population. We understand that most youths are in informal sector, yet rarely do they receive any formal training on financial literacy on how to run their business and manage their finances.  They need to understand the basics of savings, investing, planning and planning for the future

  • Youths In Formal Employment

Youths in formal employment are rarely educated on matters finance and investments. Most companies do not conduct financial training on how to save, increase pension, and manage salaries and educating youth on how to live within their means.

Most youths end up spending all of their salaries on rent and leisure forgetting we have an animal called retirement.

  • Youths in Colleges

Our Teens and college students also lack financial education, to guide them on how to save and spend responsibly. In the current financial environment, children and youth are uniquely impacted by domestic financial obligations.

We create opportunities for children to learn about personal finance and to improve their own money management skills.

In 2015 UK drafted a law to make financial education compulsory and examinable in basic education level. Kenya also announced it is headed the same route.

We must fill the gap by offering financial trainings to the young generation which my head off long term undesirable.

  • Unemployed Youths

The Kenyan population is continuously being made up of youth with a majority of them unemployed, underemployed and desperate. Only few manage to be entrepreneurs.

Despite the overwhelming, glaring opportunities and resources in the country and County governments; youth and women are continuously missing out on economic development participation due to lack of information, largely limited academic knowledge, proper parental orientation as well as attitude challenges. In most cases, this population ends up in odd jobs or engages in malpractices that end up being destructive to them and a loss to society.

How do I join?

Go to kukuza.co.ke/register.

  1. Input your details – Name email address and phone number
  2. Pay registration fee of Ksh 1,000 to M-Pesa Paybill 926056 Account Number: Kukuza
  3. Password and member ID is sent to your email
  4. Login with your member ID and password
  5. Update your personal details
  6. Start paying the share capital (Ksh.2,500)
  7. Deposit your contribution, and View statements,